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113 Brush Hill Road, P.O. Box 258 Goshen CT 06756  860-491-2705
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You can see your sewer tax information, which includes:

  • "All" - Payments paid and due
  • "Due Now" - Details of payments due now
  • "Balance Due" - Your total balance due, including interest and late fees
  • "IRS Payment Records" - The amounts which can be claimed as a tax deduction (New Function)

Click on this link to access the above functions: What are the sewer taxes on my property?

Revenue Collection Payment Options:

Option 1: Online

You may pay by credit card or echeck using the Internet by visiting the Online Payments page. Search for the property and click on the "Pay Online" button and then "Make Payment" and continue to complete your transaction. Point and Pay will charge a nominal fee for processing these transactions. If you have questions contact the Tax Collector by clicking Contact Us in the left navigation, and then use the form to email the Tax Collector.

Option 2: By Mail

Include your property address and bill number in the memo field of your check.

Payments should be mailed to:

Woodridge Lake Sewer District
PO Box 258
Goshen CT 06756

Option 3: In Person

Deliver your payment to Sewer District offices at 113 Brush Hill Road. The Tax Collector Office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

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